Working with ecology

Uv Srl employs only high quality paints; acrylics and water which decrease pollution and allow to obtain products in compliance with the strictest laws in force.

The company guidelines are particularly interested in the different technological innovations to always be at the leading edge for company productivity while respecting the environment. During the different processing phases the quality is constantly checked in order to carry out valid products both from the quality and ecologic point of view.

UV rays harden paints with 100% of dry residual

UV rays harden paints with 100% of dry residual solve the problem of toxic emissions in the environment and keep high adherence, elasticity, chemical and mechanical resistance quailities.

UV rays water harden paints.

La tecnologia di indurimento con radiazione UV di prodotti a base acquosa ormai un'alternativa realistica ai sistemi UV al 100% di secco.

These items are based on acrylic oligomers or water-based acrylics. In these paints the reactive monomer thinner or the solvent is replaced by water. Obviously before the paint film hardening under the UV radiation it is necessary to remove the aqueous phase of the product for at least 3 minutes at 60 C. A water-based UV system has the following advantages:

  • Check of the product viscosity by means of running water.
  • No thinners.
  • Washing of the water paint lines.
  • Painting made with traditional equipments.
  • Nonflammable products.
  • No acrylic monomers.